The Appeal

The Kirsten’s Wish Charitable Appeal was established in July 2012 to raise funds and provide support to terminally ill Townsville mum Kirsten Wackerow and her young family.

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Kirsten has terminal breast cancer, is married to Thomas and together they have two beautiful girls, Miriam aged 5 and Ruby aged 3.  Following Kirstens diagnosis in the first half of 2012, Thomas left paid employment to become the sole carer for Kirsten and their girls.  This resulted in extreme financial hardship and the very real possibility that the family would lose their home.

The Kirsten’s Wish Charitable Appeal was established by a childhood friend of Kirsten’s with the primary goal of saving the family home and securing their short term financial future, until such time as Thomas can return to work.  The Appeal was embraced by the local Townsville community and generously supported by over 140 individuals, businesses and community groups from all over the country.  You can read more about the assistance we received on our Blog and Media pages.

This wonderful support, together with invaluable professional advice from Greg Watson at Carey Financial and Saskia ten Dam from Townsville Community Legal Service – both of whom offered their services free of charge – we achieved our goal and more.

So, even though Kirsten’s prognosis remains dire, she is at peace knowing that her family has had a massive stress load lifted and that her daughters in particular have a secure future ahead of them.

Every supporter of the Kirsten’s Wish Appeal has played a massive part in helping Kirsten and her family find a path through this incredibly difficult time in their lives.  And for that we thank all of you wholeheartedly, your generosity has been life-changing.

The official Appeal has now closed, however if you would like to offer assistance directly to the Wackerow family, please head to our Contact page for more information.


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